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Research Manager,The most effective system to view research reports

Are you overwhelmed by the vast amount of information contained in securities research reports released daily?

Research Manager Timely, user-friendly, Internet-based document search and retrieval system which provides various screening criteria to allow users access to over 770,000 research documents in the database (as of March 2009). Over 30 major securities firms contribute their research documents (company, sector, macro economics, strategy, etc) and dailies, while the IR Departments of listed companies supply company information on a regular basis. IFIS Japan also provides detailed usage report based on user accesses and document downloads. Since its inception in April 1998, its ease of use combined with the wide variety of information has made Research Manager to become the most used electronic research distribution service in Japan, with over 2,000 users in investment banking and investment management community, IR sections in 200 listed corporations.

The advantages of Research Manager

Top market share of 60%
Research Manager is an electronic library of research reports by major securities firms regarding reports on individual companies, industries, macro economy and strategy. Research Manager has a top market share of 60% in terms of its access (as of May 2005, based on survey by IFIS).

User friendliness is a key to success

Research Manager allows you to quickly check changes in rating and newly covered companies. Additionally you can conduct a search by company name, industry and names of securities firms that published report is available. On top of that screening by title, subtitle and text will help you instantly retrieve the reports you are looking for.

Cost efficient and high quality performance is another key to success

On daily basis average of 400 research reports from over a thousand analysts in leading securities firms are added. In addition, IR materials from listed companies, such as performance briefing material and tanshin (company flash result), are posted. Wide range of information is provided in cost efficient price.

Monthly report on access by institutional investors
Aggregated access data by institutional investor to Research Manager is collected by IFIS. Analysis of this data is published as the monthly IFIS Watch.
This service is used for a variety of purposes: for our institutional investor clients, it is a tool to grasp market trends and follow up hot reports; for listed companies, it is an effective tool to check not only the valuation of their own company but also industry trends and how much attention other peer companies are attracting.

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