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IR Printing, We provide support for corporate IR activities

Have you not given up idea of outsourcing printing of earnings brief material due to limited amount of time?

IR Printing is the service that makes best use of IFIS' experience in high-quality and high-tech printing and delivery. We have built a system that provides short turn-around printing and prompt delivery of IR materials such as earnings briefings and tanshin (company flash result). We offer saddle stitch bookbinding for those demanding quality and ease-of-use. In addition, we provide fully integrated support from planning to printing of all IR materials, including annual reports, business reports, and fact books. Feel free to consult our staff with expertise in investor relations, finance and printing.

Advantages of IR Printing & Delivery
Versatile plans depending on time.

Based on our experience and expertise in printing that we have acquired in on-demanding printing of research reports.

Saddle stitch bookbinding for ease-of-use.

Our recommendation in bookbinding method is saddle stitch for we hear from many investors and securities analyst that that is the best binding in terms of ease of handling and reading.

Guaranteed delivery to the specified time and place.

IFIS' independent delivery system provides guaranteed delivery at the specified time and location. We can also directly deliver to the site of financial results briefing. In addition, regardless of attention being within Japan or non-Japan, we can handle address printing, mail stuffing and overall list management of IR tools so that the burden of your IR department will be minimized.

Our staff with expertise and experience will offer high quality service.

In production of IR tools such as business reports and annual reports, our staff with long experience and expertise in investor relations business will offer their best effort. From planning, production to printing and delivery, we will offer detailed service to accommodate demands of our clients.

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