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IR Manager,Connects listed companies with institutional investors
Advantage of IR Manager Merits for IR department customers

Are you searching for a media that effectively transmits IR information?

IR Manager displays IR materials of listed companies to ease the communication with institutional investors. IR Manager can be used in conjunction with the Research Manager. Our clients in IR departments of corporations use this service to market and evaluate the effectiveness of their IR activities. The service will assist management and distribution of IR information.

Our clients in institutional investment and securities analyst communities use Research Manager to view earning briefing materials from listed companies along with research reports from securities analysts.

Main features of IR Manager

IR information distribution function

The material you send to us will be added to the database of Research Manager. The material will appear along with other research reports whenever screening is conducted under criteria such as company, industry, or latest reports.

Enhanced communication

Efficient and effective IR information transmission can be made to 2,000 institutional investors in 170 firms.

Direct link to your firm

Link to the IR site of your company and e-mail address of person in charge of IR can be set in Research Manager. This will ease access of institutional investors to your IR information.

For IR departments

Information you send to us can be accessed by institutional investors.

IR Manager will get your information across to institutional investors who you may find difficult to establish relationship with. Whenever institutional investors conducts scanning for the information about your firm in Research Manager, information from IR department will appear along with reports by securities analysts.
For institutional investors

More IR material is provided along with research reports.

Simply by logging onto Research Manager enables you to view the IR materials of listed companies. IR materials and earnings briefing information of listed companies are provided along with research reports.

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