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IFIS Total BPO Solutions
Providing a financial service as Kabuyoho to the private investors.
Having obtained ISMS* certification (ISO 27001)

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An original service line up that combines the electronics and paper medium

IFIS Japan connects institutional investors, securities firms and listed companies - the institutions that form the core of the capital market - through information transmission and financial document processing combining the characteristics of electronic and paper media. IFIS has a wide range of high-quality, fast, low-cost, and innovative services to meet the specific demands of our clients.

IFIS Total BPO Solutions
IFIS Total BPO Solutions At IFIS Japan, we offer Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services to our clients that fully leverage the know-how we have gained over years of our own experience. We can help with specific outsourcing tasks or full-scale outsourcing solutions to a business, depending on our customer's needs. As a BPO provider, IFIS Japan is fully committed to managing and taking responsibility for quality, cost and delivery of service, and we continually strive to improve our services while optimizing our customer's performance.
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Research Manager
Research Manager Timely, user-friendly Internet-based document search and retrieval system which provides various search criteria to allow users access to over 770,000 research documents in the database (as of March 2009). Over 30 major securities firms contribute their research reports (company, sector, economic, strategy, etc) dailies, and the IR departments of listed companies supply company information on a regular basis.
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IR Manager
IR Manager This service effectively distributes IR information from listed companies using the Internet. In combination with Research Manager, the service dynamically connects listed companies to institutional investors.
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Consensus Manager
Consensus Manager Consensus Manager is a web-based service that provides the most timely and accurate estimate consensus the "IFIS Consensus" along with various valuable data such as fundamentals, broker estimates, corporate self-estimates, share prices etc.
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Data Feed Service
Consensus Data Service We provide earnings estimates data service "Brokers' Earnings Estimates Data" our proprietary estimate consensus "IFIS Consensus Data", component estimate of IFIS Consensus "IFIS Consensus Detail Data" and "Company Results & Self-Estimates Data" on Japanese equity.
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FPD (Financial Printing & Delivery)
FPD (Financial Printing & Delivery) This service provides integrated assistance from production, printing to delivery of financial documents, including seminar handouts, analysis reports by banks and think tanks, and research reports for institutional investors by securities firms. On-demand printing makes it possible to produce material in a short turnaround time. We can deliver printed materials at a economical cost using our established delivery system.
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IR Printing & Delivery
IR Printing This service provides low-cost integrated support for printing and delivering IR materials, such as earnings briefing material and tanshin (company flash result), where short turn around time is essential. We also handle the planning and production of IR materials such as business reports and annual reports.
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Fund DisclosureService
Fund Disclosure Printing This service provides integrated support to planning, printing, and delivering prospectuses and marketing materials for investment trusts. Additionally, we have a wide range of services, including production of electronic disclosure files for EDINET.
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E-mail &Fax Delivery
E-mail & Fax Delivery This service is provided in cooperation with Xpedite, the global leading information distribution company. The service creates and sends e-mails without burdening your mail server. Furthermore, you can send faxes in bulk quickly and instantly.
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