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Providing a financial service as Kabuyoho to the private investors.
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Financial Printing & Delivery (FPD),Total support for financial document processing

Financial information depends on timeliness. Are you having trouble reducing time and cost?

IFIS' Financial Printing & Delivery provides specialized support for financial document processing, including securities firms' research reports. This service provides a full range of services from layout, editing to printing and distribution. And, of course, we also handle address printing and envelope stuffing. Our service have been granted "Innovative Technology Prize" of the "On-Demand Award 2001" sponsored by the Print-On-Demand Promotion Committee.

Financial Printing & Delivery

Suitable for a variety of financial documents.

IFIS' FPD handles variety of financial documents including the followings.

- Securities firms' research reports and handout materials at seminars
- Company profiles for financial institutions including securities firms and banks, as well as DM product guides
- All types of reports from think tanks and other research institutions
- Insurance companies' product guides, agreements, and reports

With our staff's extensive knowledge in financial industry, we support creation and production of effective material.

On-demand printing reduces cost and increases speed.

In the financial world the value of information rests in timeliness. The on-demand printing of IFIS Japan's Financial Printing & Delivery drastically reduces the time to process material, from receiving the material to delivery of the final product. Our unique delivery system makes it possible to deliver the final printed product within 24 hours. We have created a system that delivers "timely information" to the "necessary parties" at "low cost."

Numerous printing company alliances provide the services that best meet customer needs.

Our partnerships with variety of printing specialists make it possible to provide our quality service at economical cost. We have partnerships with ten companies. Our service offers the best mix of cost and quality by selecting the most appropriate processor for the job, including on-demand, off-set, or rotary printing, the number of copies and pages, and other job requirements.

Our innovative delivery system can meet requests from anywhere in the world.

We have built our own delivery system servicing the 23 wards in Tokyo. The service provides quicker and more reliable delivery at a lower cost than traditional mailing. We can make a delivery within 24 hours. We can also deliver to all areas of Japan and throughout the world.

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