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Consensus Manager
IFIS Consensus Consensus Manager Data Feed Service  

Easy to use, Comprehensive, Graphical web-based service.

Consensus Manager
Consensus Manager is a web-based service that provides the most timely and accurate estimate consensus the "IFIS Consensus" along with various valuable data such as fundamentals, broker estimates, corporate self-estimates, share prices etc.

With Consensus Manager one can catch the trend at glance as it shows the current and historical values in graphical format. It's easy to compare company earnings, analysts' latest estimates, company's self-estimates and "IFIS Consensus" as its displayed in one screen. The service is also linked to our Research Manager the electronic database of research documents makin it easier to look-up for the context of the estimate.

The service does not require any dedicated terminal and can easily be accessed through the Internet.

[Main features of Consensus Manager]


"IFIS Consensus" is presented on the web in a graphical format that displays each individual securities firm's estimates along with company's own estimates, share prices, and relative performance to sector or index. Additionally, links to research reports are provided, allowing the user to easily reference the report from which the data was taken.

Latest Reports

Lists the rating, revenue, operating profit, recurring profit, net profit, etc. from the most recent reports, as well as the percentage difference between these numbers and the current consensus data.


Displays a graphical version of the changes in the Revision Index for each industry.


Displays market information, results and estimates, valuation ratios and other information for a selected company.

My Room

Customized screening function where your portfolio and other searching criteria can be saved.

Screen (Option function)

You can rank and download unique combination of data such as "IFIS Consensus", company self-estimates, earnings, share prices using over 600 criteria. The downloaded data is in CSV format which will make it easier to use the data in analysis.

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