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IFIS Consensus,Original content that provides the latest consensus estimates
IFIS Consensus Consensus Manager Data Feed Service  

Timely consensus data of japanese equity market

"IFIS Consensus" is an average of analysts' earnings estimates collected from 22 major brokers' research reports. "IFIS Consensus Data" provides average, median, maximum, minimum, standard deviation and number of estimates on 20 data points.

Our data is highly valued by Japanese investment banking and investment management community by its accuracy, timeliness and carefully designed calculation rule.
Market capitalization of consensus covered corporations counts for 95.7% of TSE 1st section and 82% of emerging market respectively.

Why our clients value "IFIS Consensus"?

There are two major aspects that make "IFIS Consensus" the best.

The first aspect is its accuracy. IFIS is highly focused on accurate and consistent data collection. We process the data 100% in-house conducting validity checks in various steps.

The second aspect is its calculation policy. "IFIS Consensus" is designed to calculate two types of consensus, pre and post event consensus. To calculate the most up to date consensus we reset the analyst estimate population by corporate event such as earnings results and self-estimate filing.

If you are looking for a estimate consensus on Japanese equity "IFIS Consensus" is the best!

Usage examples
- Major brokerage firms use "IFIS Consensus" as a barometer of market opinion. "IFIS Consensus" estimate is constantly appear on research reports as comparison to their own estimates.

- "IFIS Consensus" is broadly deployed at various departments of institutional investors. Most of our clients in investment management community switched to our data after careful comparison with other vendor's data.

- IR sections of listed corporations use "IFIS Consensus" in their IR activities. They use "IFIS Consensus" in IR documents, websites comparing "IFIS Consensus" to self-estimates.

Data Points
* Recommendation * Target Price * Sales
* Operating Profit * Recurring Profit * Net Profit
* EPS * DPS * Others

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