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Consensus Data Service,Bulk Data service
IFIS Consensus Consensus Manager Data Feed Service  

Data service that is distinguished by its accuracy and timeliness.
IFIS Japan is one of recognized financial data vendors in Japan. We provide earnings estimates data service "Brokers' Earnings Estimates Data" our proprietary estimate consensus "IFIS Consensus Data", component estimate of IFIS Consensus "IFIS Consensus Detail Data" and "Company Results & Self-Estimates Data" on Japanese equity.

Our estimate consensus and analyst earnings estimate data are the most accurate in the market because IFIS is committed to 100% in-house data collection and processing.

The data is deployed at most major investment management and investment banking institutions, financial portals, research institutes and universities earning reputation by its accuracy, timeliness and calculation design.

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IFIS Consensus Data

IFIS Consensus is an average of analysts' earnings estimates collected from 22 major brokers' research reports. "IFIS Consensus Data" provides average, median, maximum, minimum, standard deviation and number of estimates on 20 data points. We are able to provide "IFIS Consensus" with its component estimates data "IFIS Consensus Detail".

※To subscribe to IFIS Consensus Detail Data service user will need an entitlement from contributing brokers.

Brokers Earnings Estimate Data

Earnings estimate data collected from 22 pre-eminent global or local brokers research reports. Mainly used by financial professionals in investment management institutions.

※To subscribe to Brokers Earnings Estimate Data service user will need an entitlement from contributing brokers.

Company Earnings Results & Self-Estimate Data

Our company data is based on listed companies quarter, midterm, annual results digest (the Kessan Tanshin) and self-estimate revision filings. Our clients specially value our company self-estimate data because the database covers all revision history of the forecast.

Customized Data Service

To meet our clients' unique needs we provide tailored data feed service. We are able to customize our data in terms of data points, time frame and in format.

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