IFIS Japan BPO Advantage

IFIS Japan provides globally integrated and seamless BPO solutions.

The BPO process is conceptualized and controlled by IFIS Japan head office, which outsources it to the optimal location or vendor based on a global assessment. Our company is fully accountable for the quality, cost, and delivery of service and we are constantly taking initiatives for even better service to our customers.

Proposed Solutions-Examples

Steps to Launch a Total BPO Solution

(1) Project Team Selection (Client and IFIS Japan)
  • ・Planning and selecting the service provider location
  • ・Determining terms and conditions and contracting
  • ・Appointing the local manager
(2) Conducting Business Process Reviews (BPR) and drafting a basic manual
(3) Drafting an operation manual
(4) Introducing additionally required technology/systems
(5) Transition stage with UAT (User Acceptance Test)
(6) Recruiting in Japan and Philippines (team leader, operator, etc.)
(7) Staff training
(8) Testing UAT with actual data (multiple)
(9) Monitoring, Reviewing, and Improving on steps (2), (3), (4), and (5)

(Note 1) All system implementation and configuration shall be completed at Step 7.

(Note 2) Introduction costs incurred from preparation, recruiting, training, testing, etc. may vary based on the contents of each project.