General Administration, Human Resources, and Accounting/Finance Support

This is an example of Business Support Solution. When a corporate client establishes a local subsidiary or branch in a foreign country such as Philippines, an IFIS Japan outsourcee undertakes all of the function of general administration, human resources, finance, and accounting departments. This scheme brings about the following three benefits;

  • Lead time to launch the actual operation will be significantly shortened.
  • Fixed cost for the back office will be lowered (particularly beneficial for a small-sized subsidiary/branch).
  • The client is able to focus on the core businesses such as marketing, production and procurement.

Data Entry and Uploading Service for Financial Information ASP (Active Server Pages)

Here is another example of a Business Support Solution. A financial information provider running an ASP service through a dedicated website, outsources the data entry to an offshore outsourcee in the Philippines. At IFIS Japan, the outsourcee not only does data entry but also undertakes data scanning, classification and other value added tasks.

Development and Maintenance of Financial Information Website

In this example a company providing financial information service on the web outsources the maintenance and part of the website development to an outsourcee. If the task is labor intensive but its technological and legal/compliance requirements are manageable, using an offshore outsoucee is particularly effective and efficient. This example is within the IT Solution category of IFIS Japan's "Four Types of Support Services to our Customers".

Development of e-Commerce Website

Here is an example of e-commerce website development and maintenance that has been outsourced. Since e-commerce websites call for large volumes of production and updating, the use of low-cost offshore outsource is an effective solution. This example is within the Contents Management category of IFIS Japan's "Four Types of Support Services to our Customers".