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IFIS Total BPO Solutions
Providing a financial service as Kabuyoho to the private investors.
Having obtained ISMS* certification (ISO 27001)

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Aiming to be an interactive provider of financial information

Ever since IFIS Japan was established, the company has constantly pursued to be the best information processor and the provider of the best distribution solutions in hardcopies and in web based style. Since then through continuous development effort, range of services was expanded to meet the demands from institutional investors, securities firms and listed corporations. Furthermore, we are working to enhance satisfaction of both our customers and employees by ensuring transparency and fairness both within and outside of our company.

Our forward looking attitude will never change. With the rapid changes in the trends in the financial industry and the Internet technology, demands from our clients are diversifying. IFIS Japan is continuously striving to upgrade the quality of services we provide. We are hoping to remain as the innovative service provider through interactive approach by integrating voice messages and video. We are also expanding our customer base by meeting the needs of foreign investors and media that are connected to individual investors. We are aiming to make our part of contribution to the revitalization of Japanese capital market by displaying our strength, the creativity.

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