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IFIS Total BPO Solutions
Providing a financial service as Kabuyoho to the private investors.
Having obtained ISMS* certification (ISO 27001)

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Management policy
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An innovative company that continues to evolve, particularly in the field of financial information.

Corporate Ideal
IFIS Japan always strives for innovating marketing skills and technological developments. We are aiming to achieve fairness both within and outside of our company. Our goal is to marketing and technological innovation and complete fairness both within and outside the company. Our goal is to create a high level of satisfaction not only at the client level but also amongst our employees by providing leading financial information services. We are aiming to contribute to revitalization of Japanese capital market.

IFIS Japan's four management and conduct guidelines

We develop original ideas into tangible services and create superior value so as to become the contributor to the market.

We establish partnership with our clients with fairness and honesty. Within our firm, we have built a fair and just personnel system. We have achieved the creation of strong relationship within and outside of our firm.

Taking the initiative in technology, services, and the market, IFIS leads the financial information service industry by providing high value that only IFIS can provide.

We foster a spirit of independence and creativity that instills an attitude in our employees that results in greater customer satisfaction. We strive to build an organization that increases not only corporate value but also employee satisfaction in reaching the goals they set for themselves.

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