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IFIS Total BPO Solutions
Providing a financial service as Kabuyoho to the private investors.
Having obtained ISMS* certification (ISO 27001)

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To Our Customers
To Retail Investors

Comprehensive, original contents in easy to use format

IFIS Japan has started offering its original contents “IFIS Consensus“ to retail investors directly through financial portals and online brokerage firms.

Features like Company Financials and Consensus Estimates designed with special focus on easiness of use and real time Earnings News are became the pivotal investment information menu of online brokers and financial portals.

Specially the “IFIS Kabu Yoho“ partner site of Yahoo! Finance became one of the widely recognized investment information sites with over 10 million monthly PV during earnings result season.

[The websites for retail investors]

IFIS Kabu Yoho
Yahoo! Finance (Partner Open Site, Free)

Various valuable information such as earnings news, filing schedule, company earnings summary, self-estimates, quarterly earnings progress etc. are accessable through Yahoo Finance! Number of users are steadily growing since its launch in April 2008. IFIS Kabu Yoho boasts over 10 million monthly PV during earnings result season.

IFIS Kabu Yoho
Earnings and Estimates
Monex Securities (Account Holders only)

Optional, paid contents specially designed for Monex securities users.
Diversified, comprehensive contents that provides the latest consensus estimates, historical chart, quarterly earnings progress and etc. in easy to understand graphical format.
Along with comprehensive data, tools such as simple screening, topic lists etc. are highly valued and broadly deployed by users.

Monex Securities

Information about “Earnings and Estimates“
Corporate Earnings Forecast
Rakuten Securities (Account holders only)

Providing graphic-rich, investment information contents to Rakuten Securities to support it’s account holders’ investment decision making. The contents covers analysts' earnings estimates, recommendations, price targets and corporate earnings forecasts. Schedule of earnings announcements and timely corporate disclosure are also available.
Some partial information of the contents are available for visitors.

Rakuten Securities

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