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IFIS Total BPO Solutions
Providing a financial service as Kabuyoho to the private investors.
Having obtained ISMS* certification (ISO 27001)

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New: Being a bridge between IR departments, institutional investors and analysts.

Ever since IFIS was established, we have continued to develop our services specializing in financial information. We gained trust from our clients in institutional investment community and securities houses. Our understanding of the market and efficient distribution of IR material provides our corporate clients for a more effective and efficient IR activities.

Research Manager
Research Manager This service provides Internet-based integrated management of research reports released daily by major securities companies. Research Manager also provides various scanning functions under a number of different criteria such as the name of the securities company, analyst, or company; securities code; rating; report title, and subtitle.

Listed companies can check the valuation by securities analysts to their company as well as that of their peers. IR departments of around 200 companies make use of this service.
IR Manager
IR Manager This service is used by listed companies to distribute IR materials to institutional investors over the Internet. Tanshin (company flash result) and briefing material are posted on Research Manager. Research Manager is used by 2,000 institutional investors in 170 companies. Whenever these institutional investors run a search in Research Manager for specific company, IR information will be displayed along with research reports.

Consensus Manager
Consensus Manager An Internet-based service that enables to see IFIS Consensus which is the average of the forecasts by around 600 analysts.

Listed companies can compare and check changes in IFIS Consensus and analysts' estimates for their company and the peers for the better understanding of market valuations. This understanding should assist efficient IR activities.
IR Printing & Delivery
IR Printing & Delivery This service provides comprehensive support for printing and delivering IR material, including earnings briefing material. On-demand printing makes it possible to provide high-quality material in a short turnaround time. In addition, we provide planning, production, printing, and delivery services for other IR material such as business reports and annual reports.
Creating IR Web sites
We design and create IR websites tailored to the interest of individual and foreign investors. Web site can include analyst coverage, estimates, and IFIS Consensus, all of which can be regularly updated.

Services targeting overseas investors and overseas investor surveys
We have recently launched high-quality and low-cost surveys of foreign investors holding. Good communication with foreign investors is indispensable for a management of business and there is a growing demand for this service from clients.
E-mail & Fax Delivery
E-mail & Fax Delivery This service is provided in cooperation with Xpedite, world's leading information distribution company. The service allows you to send e-mails without burdening your mail server. In addition, faxes can be sent in bulk quickly and instantly.

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