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IFIS Total BPO Solutions
Providing a financial service as Kabuyoho to the private investors.
Having obtained ISMS* certification (ISO 27001)

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This Web site (www.ifis.co.jp, referred to below as the IFIS Web site) is managed by IFIS Japan (IFIS) for the primary purpose of providing information about our services.

Observe the followings when using this site:

The IFIS Web site should only be used after reading and agreeing to the followings. Additionally, IFIS is entitled to changing following basic rules without prior notice.

1. Copyright
Copyright and other rights for the information appearing on the IFIS Web site are held by IFIS or by the original information provider. These rights are protected under copyright and related legislations. Content cannot be used without the consent of IFIS for purposes other than personal use as allowed by law.

2. Trademark
Trademarks such as product names, logos, and other marks used on the IFIS Web site are held by IFIS or by the owners of the trademarks. These cannot be transferred or used for other purposes without the permission of IFIS or by the owners.

3. Limit of responsibility
While IFIS posts information on the IFIS Web site after careful review, IFIS does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of this information. In addition, information appearing on the IFIS Web site is only for the purpose of providing information; it is not for the purpose of soliciting investments decisions. The decision to invest ultimately belongs to the user.

4. Linking to this site
While links to the IFIS Web site are welcome, we ask that you contact IFIS regarding such links using the inquiry form. Links from commercial sites considered inappropriate will be declined. In addition, IFIS is not responsible for any problems resulting from links on other Web sites. IFIS may change or delete content of this site without prior notification.

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